Frequently Asked Questions

Are your photos unlimited?

Absolutely! For however long you would like our services, our photo booth will be up and running. Guests can go in and out of our photo booth as many times as they would like as well as take home pictures. We will print extra copies of any photo as we want every guest to take one home.  

What kind of guest book do you use?

Our photo guest book is assembled by our staff and will hold the exact amount of pages needed for your event. It contains a USB drive of all of the pictures on the inside back cover.  The guest book is black, “coffee-table” sized and our metallic pens look amazing on the black pages.

How many guests can the photo booth hold?

The photo booth is unique as it can catch amazing candid quality anywhere from couples to larger groups. Our “vanishing curtain” backdrop makes it easy to squeeze in and stand behind the guests on the photo booth bench. Perfect for photo bombing! We have counted as many as 10 heads in a photo!

How long in advance is recommended to book the photo booth?

 We have taken bookings as far as 2+ years away and as soon as the following weekend. We recommend booking at least a year in advance to secure your date. We quickly fill up "prime dates" in the summer/fall due to a higher demand.

How long do we need the photo booth for?

Our photo booth is rented by the hour with a 3 hour minimum. For most events including wedding receptions, we recommend at least 4 hours as it seems to be the best amount of time for the photo booth based on past events. Don't know how long to rent the photo booth for? Just ask us! 

Does Snap in the Box travel outside the Twin Cities/Metro area?

Absolutely! In fact we love to travel. We are willing to travel distances as far as: Stillwater, Duluth, Mankato, Albert Lea, St. Cloud, Eau Claire and even Mason City. We can customize a quote for your event based on the travel time/distance.  

What is required in order to book the Snap in the Box photo booth?

We require a completed contract as well as a non-refundable deposit of $150.00 in order to lock in your date. Contracts are available via email through an inquiry on our contact page. Once received, we will contact you and let you know you are locked in for your date and ask any questions we may have after reviewing the contract. The remaining balance is due on or before the night of.

How much space do you need for this?

Our photo booth is a similar size as you have seen in a mall. It is 3ft wide, 6.5ft tall and 6ft deep. The booth itself is not one solid piece as it built and put together from multiple pieces and casing. We also bring a 4ft table for the book and a 6ft table for the props. Due to the popularity, it's nice to be put in an open area to better accommodate the guests.

Do you have any other backdrops? All I see is blue!

Yes! If you looking for something other than our "signature blue" backdrop, we also have: White, grey, red and a shimmering gold sequin background. Let us know! 

Why choose Snap in the box? 

You want a professional photo booth ran by a trained staff with a passion for photography. We have been doing this service for years! Everything is included in our rental with no additional add-ons such as: Props, idle time, early set-ups or customized pictures. When we say our pictures are unlimited, we mean it! We will print out extra copies of any photo. Our friendly photo booth attendants are flexible and easy to work with. We also do not put any kind of advertisements on our photo strips.